Orthopaedic disease is not isolated to the Joint or Bone that caused the problem but quickly extends to involve the structures of the entire limb or limbs affected. Recovery from Orthopaedic disease requires recovery of soft tissue strength and elasticity and restoration of position awareness and Joint Range of Motion. The surgeon can only provide the best foundation for Rehabilitation, Rehab is the process of recovery from Orthopaedic disease. Missing this step out, may result in a suboptimal outcome for the patient. That is why Torrington Orthopaedics has always had a close relationship with Physiotherapists. We used to provide Hydrotherapy at our clinic, however many clients travel long distances to get here and so we decided to offer advice on suitable centres closer to our clients in order to facilitate more regular sessions.


Physiotherapy can help a dog after surgery or for conditions that may be managed conservatively (eg juvenile hip dysplasia). Physiotherapy involves treating the neuro-musculoskeletal system, this incorporates joints, muscles, other soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons and also the nervous system. There are many different treatment modalities available to a physiotherapist. An assessment is carried out initially to identify the issues/problems to be treated and a then individualised treatment plan is developed. Physiotherapy works well in conjunction with hydrotherapy rehabilitation.


Aims of Hydrotherapy:

Improve Range of Movement of joints.
Improve Muscle Mass.
Improve Muscle strength.
Improve Cardiovascular Stamina.
Reduce Pain.
Improve the wellbeing of patients.