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From Thursday 5th November until Thursday 3rd December we will be making some changes to how we work to comply with the new lockdown regulations. We will be complying with the RCVS guidelines to see only urgent and emergency cases but are still able to offer video or phone consultations to support all our clients.

We want to share with you the provisions we have in place to protect our staff and our clients from the possible spread of Covid-19.


In order to maintain social distancing we can offer video appointments as well as in person appointments at the hospital. For appointments at the hospital in order to maintain good social distancing and to avoid periods of over 15 minutes in the same airspace we have decided to continue to ask clients to remain in their cars in the car park for the next few months for the initial part of the consultation. There will be an opportunity, if required, to sit down in a well ventilated area of the practice for 15 minutes at the end of the consultation so your surgeon can discuss the possible diagnosis and any tests or surgeries that may be required. Please bring a face covering with you.

Hygiene and PPE

All our touch surfaces (door handles, hand rails etc) are cleaned and disinfected every few hours. There are hand steriliser dispensers throughout the practice. All staff wear face coverings and visors.

Social Distancing

We have suspended shaking hands as a greeting while the current risk is high. All staff practice social distancing, we have floor reminders to keep 2m apart. We have room occupancy limits and staff are kept to designated work areas to avoid excessive mixing while they are working. We are asking all our clients to remain outside at this time, but we do have a well ventilated room area for treatment discussion.

An outline of our process from arrival to admission given these exceptional times.

I. Arrival

Clients will be asked to wait in the car on arrival and phone the practice to alert us of their presence. The initial part of your consultation will usually be conducted via telephone but the vet may chose to meet you in the car park to discuss your pet at a safe distance. This part of the consultation is used to discuss your pet and the history of the problem.

II. Evaluation

A lameness evaluation will take place outside- you may be asked to walk and trot your dog so that the vet can evaluate their gait, or one of our nurses may do this for you. Then the patient will be collected from the client by the vet/nurse with suitable PPE, and using Torrington Orthopaedic leads or harnesses. A clinical examination will be performed in the hospital with clients waiting outside. The vet will then discuss the findings of the examination with client and propose a treatment/investigation plan. This discussion can take place outside or we have a well ventilated seating area indoors.

III. Admission

If your pet is admitted to the hospital we will not be able to take any items such as beds, blankets or toys. We will be able to take special diets and medications. Informed consent will be discussed as usual. The consent form will be given to the client with a non-return pen. Any payments will be taken over the phone.

We have resumed weekend appointments. Monday, Tuesday..., Saturday, Sunday; they are all the same to us!

We run our hospital appointment system across every day of the week. In addition to our emergency service we can offer routine appointments for clients on both Saturday and Sunday every weekend. Routine appointments are the same price at weekends and weekdays.

Throughout the weekend we can offer:

  • Initial 1 hour consultation for all orthopaedic and spinal conditions, not limited to emergencies. Revisit and follow-up appointments.
  • Surgical appointments for elective procedures such as patella luxation and cruciate disease.
  • Advanced imaging appointments for onsite CT.
  • Emergency appointments for orthopaedic and spinal emergencies, with capacity to proceed quickly to diagnosis and surgery where necessary.


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